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Frilly Vintage Coquette Ribbon Bow Cake

I think 2024 means we add a bow to anything and everything and we live our true frilly, flirty best lives. This very much includes cake. A coquette core wonder, this vintage round or heart cake makes any event pretty, dreamy and oh so photogenic.

Completely customisable

Bows and ribbons big or small, colour matched to suit your event. Simply add to the notes how you want your bows added eg. one big pink bow on top, a ring or little bows around the side, everything baby blue for a baby shower.

Ribbon colour choice: White, Black, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Pink, Mint, Peach, Purple, Yellow, Thin Pink, Thin Black.

I am in love with this trend and can't wait to make your vision come to life! Contact me if you want to chat through :)

7 inch - serves 15-20ish
9 inch - serves 30-40ish
Could be more, depends how you slice it 

Make sure you take a picture of you and your beautiful cake, I love to see it.

All premium cakes come with deluxe 12mm cake board and box.


Delivery timeslots change depending on the day and are listed above. If you have a specific delivery time or day in mind that is not listed above please contact me and I will try to make it work :)

$15 within 5km of Windsor

$20 within 7km of Windsor

This is calculated at checkout.

Outside the range? Uber Package is a great way to collect your order, simply order through the Uber app. Contact me and I can give you more information or organise delivery via courier.

Pick up is in Windsor at the timeslot specified above. Pick up times change depending on the day. I will contact you to confirm your order and pick up time closer to your order date. Custom pick ups are available please contact me.

Pick up is FREE.