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"Cake it easy" when transporting your precious desserts! The key is to make sure they are level (I find the boot of the car is best) and that you’re not driving like a maniac. Your cakes and cupcakes will have been in the fridge, which means that you have a good amount of time to drive them home safely. They will also be boxed up for added protection. If it is a very hot day, I would try and limit the time it takes from my fridge to yours as butter is delicious… but also loves to melt.

Just be cool and find a nice, dry place for your cakes and cupcakes. No direct sunlight, heat sources, or humid environments.

Preferably, your goodies should be kept inside their packaging in the fridge until a few hours before you are going to eat them. As I use buttercream and don’t typically use ingredients that will perish quickly they can stay out overnight if they don’t fit in your fridge.

Your cakes and cupcakes are best eaten at room temp

If I have added something that needs refrigeration, I will advise upon delivery/pick up.

Cakes can be quite heavy! So best to work out where you are going to put it before you lift it, or ask someone who can happily help you move the cake. They are quite sturdy when they have been in the fridge but just be mindful to not touch the buttercream as you will leave finger marks.

Be sure to hold your cute cupcakes at the bottom on their pattie to not disturb the icing.

Branded cupcakes with printed wafers can go in the fridge but MUST be within their sealed boxes as the air and moisture can cause the ink to leak.

"Slice, slice, baby!" Grab a sharp, serrated knife to give your cake a clean cut. Warm water and a clean wipe between slices will ensure a smooth operation. Let's avoid cake-cidents, shall we?

Serving individual slices? Channel your inner cake ninja with a cake server or spatula, making sure each piece lands perfectly on a plate. Precision is key!

TIP: Before you slice, take care to remove all toppers and flowers.

If you have a big cake and need to serve a lot of people, I recommend watching this as it shows how to cut your cake into servings beautifully:

Simply add it into an airtight container and into the fridge. Your cake will be delish for about a week.


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